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Pasadena Generator is a part of the publishing house Pasadena, the largest publisher and seller of books in Slovenia for IT professionals and those who want to upgrade their knowledge of emerging information technologies and applications programs. The brand Pasadena Generator was created because we believe that our extensive experience in the IT field allows us to offer quality and effective web design services to our clients.

As a publisher, we want to continue creating useful 

literature that focuses on building knowledge.

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Our vision and purpose

Our interest in web design emerged many years ago, before 1998, when we created the first online bookstore in Slovenia, Since then, a lot has changed in web design. We have been closely monitoring those changes while learning about the trends and developing technologies. Finally, we have decided to put our knowledge and ideas into the project Pasadena Generator.

Pasadena's mission remains to be the co-creator of the modern digital society by providing people with specific knowledge that they need in their work of private life.

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Založba Pasadena

Tehnološki park 20

1000 Ljubljana 


Phone: +386 1 475 95 30


ID za DDV: SI87438488

TRR: SI56 1010 0004 4446 850